Please join the new MCP army at for short you can just go to Thanks for joining if you do. We are trying to become a major army.



We have officially merged into BB. The webblog is And the chat link is Hope to see you there! 😀


4th of July!

Todays the 4th of july so i probly won’t be on today. So cya guys,



Hey soory for being inactive. I pledge to be more active

Possible Merge

     Hey guys Tiny here, we may have a merge with CPRA, MTCP, Romans, and VCP (maybe). We will probly be called Roman Marine troops or something like that. If this happens we will be major, if not a high medium army like the UPA was. All in all most of the armies are dying which is why we are merging to create the ultimate army. Guys edit this post for your comments or just comment.


New Banner

I made a new banner for the Marines because the one Andrew made was to big to fit in a widget. Here it is:


Pretty cool huh, the code is

<a href=””></a><a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket” /></a>



Im gonna be looking for 2 other Leaders for the Marines. They will be experienced warriors with years of training in CP armies. I will NOT be picking one of the Co-Leaders or someone else already in the army. I will start them out fresh. Im doing this so that I’ll have people helping me,

  • Train Soldiers
  • Lead Soldiers
  • Get new recruits
  • Lead when im gone
  • advertise xD

So if you know anyone please talk to me on chat or leave a comment.